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Top Ten Tuesday: Blogs that aren’t about books

Top top non book blogsTuesday’s topic of the day is all about blogs but not about books. Yes Virginia, there are blogs out there that don’t have anything to do with books or book reviews. In the spirit of the task, I am also staying away from writing and publishing focused blogs.

Now, I’m a fairly bookish sort so this took more time than I thought it would to carve out ten blogs to share with you, so I hope you’ll take a moment and read a little bit about each one, visit their site, see what you think and return to share your thoughts.

The well read writer will, like a well read reader, be interested in all manner of subjects outside their normal focus. These blogs are written by thinkers, bloggers who speak to me. All things are fodder for the writer and these blogs produce a heck of a lot of fodder for me. They help me, guide me, and sometimes even provoke me. Their information ranges from the particular with a technical or an informative slant to those that talk and walk the big ideas about even bigger subjects–and then there are the dogs.

On blogging, creativity, conversion, life design and, oh yeah,  dogs

  1. David Risley – Of all the blogs on blogging that I’ve visited over the many years I’ve been blogging (2002), David Risley’s blog is the one that keeps me coming back. I like David’s style. His information is solid. He’s not afraid to say what he really thinks even if it goes against prevailing wisdom. When it comes to the business/techno end, I’ve gained the most from his work.
  2. Problogger – Darren Rouse is a close second when it comes to blogging info. Every now and then I take time to get a good dose of Problogger knowledge.
  3. DuctTapeMarketing – John Jantsh completes my blogging  triumvirate. Between the three I can usually get any question answered. They keep me up to date on anything and everything online.
  4. The Home Life {and Me} – Lisa Morosky’s blog is fairly new but she’s far from new to me. I met her online and used her online virtual assistant services in the past, so I was delighted to find her new blog as she explores the new changes in her life.
  5. Jonathon Fields – I discovered Jonathon Fields last year during the release of his book Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt into Fuel for Brilliance. I’ve been a fan of his blog ever since. I can always find something thoughtful on the subject of creativity.
  6. Conversion Diary – As a fairly new convert, I’ve looked at many Catholic blogs and have really enjoyed reading Jennifer’s blog.  It’s a great mixture of life and faith. (It doesn’t hurt that she’s a fellow Texan.)
  7. Robert Fritz at Wise Pond – When it comes to the subject of creativity, you can’t get much better than Robert Fritz. Love his books and his blog always provokes, stimulates, and inspires. He is a creative force.
  8. Shane Ketterman – Of course, just when I was going to mention Shane’s blog I realized that he’s “gone rogue” and is now working offline through direct emails. Shane is not afraid to write thought-provoking articles and the man thinks deep. Love that.  These days he’s into the whole idea of Design Thinking and how to apply it to a life and business. If you’re interested, subscribe here for his direct emails.
  9. Dogster – Okay, so maybe it’s not all that much in the way of deep thinking but I live with six dogs and they won’t be quiet around here unless I add one of their favorite sites. (Okay boys?)
  10. Just Another Dog Blog – Yep, that’s the title. This one makes me happy as well satisfying a few barkers around here. The blog’s a fun blend of great photography and dog and nature talk. Sometimes you just want to sit and be. Reading this blog is a form of relaxation. See what you think–It helps if you’re either a dog or a bird lover. :)
There you go, my ten picks for not-about-books, not-about-writing blogs that I like to read. Let me know what you think and do share your own favorites in the comments below.
Thanks to the folks at The Broke and The Bookish for Top Ten Tuesday weekly meme
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  • Deb at Readerbuzz

    Most of the blogs I visit are book bloggers, but I do love to see blogs of those who take great photos.

    Here’s my Top Ten List of Sites that Aren’t About Books. Please stop by!

  • Angela @ AJ Arndt Books

    Thank you so much for sharing the blogging sites.

  • Vikk Simmons

    No problem. Happy to share blogs and other tools that have helped me. Thanks for stopping by. 

  • Anonymous

    Oh, Man. I’ve already seen an article on Dogster that will make me cry!

  • Lisa Morosky

    How am I just seeing this now (darn Google Alerts, not notifying me of stuff!). Thanks for the mention, Vikk. :)