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Every photo has a story

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 Quick creative writing exercise

So you’ve had a hard week and all you want to do is throw yourself onto the couch and veg in front of the TV. Sounds great but you know that won’t help you get anymore writing accomplished. What will? A quick writing exercise is a great way to tap into that creative power. Instead of a verbal prompt, here’s a photograph to spark your imagination. Ready?

Prepare to write

Ladybug Kitchen Timer

Luckily, you don’t have to do much. Grab a pencil and paper, open a journal or a file on the computer. Set your timer. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a computer app timer, an oven timer, or the trusty old-school kitchen timer. Set it for 5 minutes.

Get inspired to write

It’s hurricane season so I thought I’d pull an image that is easily related to this time of year. There’s a story here. It’s up to you to run with it.

Do the freewriting exercise

Take that emotion, those snippets of dialogue, that motion you feel from the photograph and start writing. Don’t forget to add the sensory detail. Start the timer and write.

Don’t stop writing to reread, edit, or question. Head for the middle and capture an end. (Afterwards, scroll past the photo below for the after-writing process.)
FEMA - 18186 - Photograph by Jocelyn Augustino taken on 08-31-2005 in Louisiana

Read and reflect

Time’s up. Go ahead and read what you wrote. Don’t make any changes.

  1. Do you have a beginning, middle, and an end?
  2. How did the writing go?
  3. Do you want to continue with the story?
  4. Did you have any problems doing the exercise? In what way?

That’s it. You can stop now or expand what you’re written. I hope you’ll comment below and share the result of your efforts. Come back next week and we’ll have a go at a new exercise.

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