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Weekend Writing Finds – Jane Smiley on novel writing, 750 Words, Penzu, and Ommwriter

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A writer's notebook

Things that make writers productive

Writers tools, apps, and gadgets have a way of capturing a writer’s attention. Where once the IBM Selectric (that’s the stellar electronic typewriter for all you young folk) held sway, today’s crop of tools, activities, gadgets and apps war with one another for that celebrated place of honor. There’s no guarantee that you’ll turn into a Stephen King or Ray Bradbury but writer-friendly tools might move you forward.

If you haven’t stopped by recently, this is a new feature where I post information about books, writing, publishing and writers.

 Articles, info and websites for writers

Penzu – Love the look of writing on paper? Ever wanted to try an online diary experience? Give this site a try.

Novelist Jane Smiley bathing in books for ReadMOre

Jane Smiley bathing in books for ReadMOre

Ommwriter – Do you despair of ever finding that Zen-like online writing experience? Give Ommwriter a try. You’ll probably want headphones. Imagine sitting at the cafe, falling into a peaceful state, and writing the world away.

750 Words – Having been an Artist Way facilitator for two groups for more than six years, the 750 Words site attracted my interest. Use it as an exercise tool, a brain dump clearing house, for morning pages, or any other way you can imagine.

This week’s book find

You have to love a writer who is awash in books. This week’s book on novel writing is a favorite of mine. Jane Smiley opens the window and let’s us into her novel writing process. She also has an extensive section at the end of the book that details 100 novels that she read and her thoughts about them.

13 Ways of Looking at the Novel


That’s it for this week. All week long I gather bits and notes and finds about reading, writing, books, the writing process, the writing life and writers. Come back next week for more.

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