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Weekend Writing Finds – Ernest Hemingway on writing, bookstores and cafes, and the loss of the thrill of discovery

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A writer's notebook

Okay, so I’ve had my head deep into books this week but I’ve still managed to ferret out a few writerly things to share.

If you haven’t stopped by recently, this is a new feature where I post information about books, writing, publishing and writers.

 Articles, info and websites for writers

Tracking Amazon: Terry Goodkind’s Self-Published Novel Skyrockets – Self-published book quickly rises  to #8 on Kindle.

Sales Higher in Bookstores with a Cafe – Is this really a surprise? Read on for details.

Raiders of the Lost Archives – I have to admit, research has changed a lot since I first began to write. Have we lost that “thrill of discovery?”

Ernest Hemingway writing

This week’s book find

Had to share this book on writing with you. After all, Ernest Hemingway had a profound impact on the last generation of writers. What did he really think about his craft?

Ernest Hemingway on Writing


That’s it for this week. All week long I gather bits and notes and finds about reading, writing, books, the writing process, the writing life and writers. Come back next week for more.

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