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I confess I am a bibliophile and library-challenged

The Broke and the Bookish

Confessions, that’s today’s topic and I doubt they mean the type found in the Victorian confessions albums of long ago. Those are more of the autograph album type where “confessions” dealt with friends answering questions like Who is your favorite writer?, and What’s your favorite book ever?

No, I think The Broke and the Bookish folks are suggesting more of the confessional type, those little peculiarities or tidbits about ourselves that we seldom share.

Top ten confessions of a confirmed bibliophile and writer

  1. I love libraries but am library challenged. I am incapable of returning a book. It is cheaper in the long run for me to simply buy the books. The good news is that I don’t have any outstanding fines.
  2. I am a marginalia devotee. Yes, I write in books. I don’t highlight, well, to a large extent I don’t unless I’m tearing the content apart for some analysis.
  3. Most of the books, especially mystery-suspense, that fill my bookcases are authored by men. Doesn’t mean I haven’t read women authors, but I don’t seem to return much or buy many.
  4. Page from a Victorian confession album

    Victorian Confession album page

    I am apparently unable to listen to someone read their work unless they are an exceptional reader. Within 20 seconds my mind is surfing its own wave. Really dislike read-aloud critique sessions.

  5. Despite my best efforts, I found it exceedingly hard to figure out how to write a romance novel. It kept morphing into the woman’s story not the relationship’s. Duh.
  6. It took a total of thirteen years of writing before I garnered my first book contract and that was, unexpectedly, in the travel book realm.
  7. The same editor who awarded me RWA’s Golden Heart award for Best Young Adult manuscript was the same one who called me a month prior to the awards ceremony to “regretfully decline my manuscript.” Sigh. I loved the award–it only took me eight consecutive years to win one–but by then I would have really preferred the contract. Thankfully the book did get published but it was a couple of years later.
  8. When I was a teen I loved the Edward Elmer “Doc” Smith Lensman series. My dad worked for NASA and we had a ton of science fiction in the house.
  9. From my childhood on I’ve always loved and admired prolific writers like Isaac Assimov, Irving Stone, Carol Nelson Douglas, Joyce Carol Oates, and others who slipped in and out of genres and forms.
  10. I love reading nonfiction as much as fiction. Always enjoyed travel narratives, but the newer narratives coming out of the medical and science fields are huge draws. Sometimes I toy with the idea of writing one.

That’s it for my deepest and darkest literary secrets or at least those I’m currently willing to expose. Love to hear yours in the comment section below–or tell me what you think about mine. (Be kind.)

Books by prolific writers, medical and scientific narratives, and travel memoirs


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