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Weekend Writing Finds – Eric Maisel, Written Kitten, Snagit, Pixel Ruler, creativity and deep writing

This entry is part 7 of 10 in the series Weekend Writing Finds

A writer’s notebook

Tips and tools for writers

This week’s tools, apps, and books for writers are fun, creative, and productive. Nanowrimo is approaching and some of you might be ready to try a little warm up or clear the web from the deep creative recesses of your mind. Still others might want some help in speeding up a process or two.

NaNoWriMo warm-up apps for writers, screen capture tool, and an onscreen pixel ruler

Written? Kitten — Staring at a blank page and can’t get motivated? Try this app. It’s fun and a great way to change your state of mind. Trading on positive reinforcement and the cuteness of kittens, this one will make you go “ohhh.” See what you get when you type 100 words? (Don’t worry, copy paste to save.) Relax. Have fun.

Written? Kitten! positive reinforcement writing app and NaNoWriMo tool

Written? Kitten! Yes!

Snagit – This is a great and robust screen capture tool that is handy for writers and saves you lots of time. You know it’s good because it’s made by the folks who produced Camtasia. Try it for free and tell me what you think.

Pixel Ruler – This is a handy dandy tool to measure the pixels of a screen shot, photo, etc. It’s a free download. After the first 50 usages, they do ask for a $5 donation but it remains free. Very cool tool to have on hand. I’ve done a screen capture so you can see it in use. The highlighted arrow points to the ruler that measures the pixels.

Great tool for writers - Pixel ruler

Screen capture showing Pixel Ruler tool in action.

Book find of the week

Deep Writing author Eric Maisel in Paris 2011

Eric Maisel – Paris, 2011

Need a creativity tweak? Lost your passion for writing?

Creativity consultant Eric Maisel advocates writing with passion. This slim volume guides you through the seven principles of deep writing: hushing the mind, holding the intention, making choices, honoring the process, befriending the work, evaluating, and doing what’s required.

Deep Writing: 7 Principles That Bring Ideas to Life

That’s it, boys and girls. All week long I scour the web for bits, notes, and finds about reading, writing, books, the writing process, the writing life and writers. Come back next week for more.


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  • The Weekend Writing Finds series is inspired by the successful Weekend Favs series by John Jantsch at Duct Tape Marketing. IMAGE & AFFILIATE CREDITS: Book cover and title via affiliate program; photo of Eric Maisel courtesy Eric Maisel bio

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