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BBWA 2012 – Books, book blogs, and book bloggers

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What does it mean to be a book blogger?

Book Blogger Appreciation Week provides an opportunity to explore the new world of online book reviews. Traditionally, authors could expect, if they were lucky, to have their books reviewed by newspapers, magazines, and perhaps organization or trade papers. As with everything else today, the Internet and electronic publishing has had a major impact on publishing and the way books are reviewed.

What is a book blog?

Bookcentric blogs are called book blogs. Book reviews tend to be the mainstay of a book blog but the percentage of reviews making up the total content of the blog can vary.  Some bloggers include reviews in the Illustration from English Caricaturists and Graphic Humourists of the Nineteenth Century, by William Rodgers Richardsoncontent generated because books and reading are important to them and make up a significant portion of their lives, while others take on the mantle of the “new” book reviewer and keep their blogs 100% focused on books, the book world, and book reviews.

Who are the book bloggers?

Anyone can become a book blogger. Many book bloggers are readers who are passionate about books and the books they read. They have a strong urge to share the books and their views.

The ease of starting up a blog makes it possible for anyone to publish their thoughts. These readers create a blog to chronicle their reading and, over time, post more and more reviews eventually becoming active in the more formal book review community.

Others move directly into the professional online book reviewer role. They may come from the publishing community or have experience writing book reviews for traditional outlets. Others write for the online arm of their newspaper or act as citizen bloggers writing reviews under the wing of their local paper. What they all have in common is a love for books.

Where are the book bloggers?

The book blogging community has grown up and the bloggers are finding each other at events like BBWA and Armchair BEA. Smaller communities offer ways to blog, write, and even publicize books. Reading challenges like The Classic Club and others draw like-minded book bloggers. Where are the book bloggers? Online. Everywhere.

Why become a book blogger?

Passionate about books and want to tell the world? Create a book blog. Avid reader with strong opinions? Let a blog become your platform. Want to chronicle the details of your reading? Blog about it.

What book blogging means to me

Surrounded by books, I grew up reading. Talking books is as natural to me as breathing. It’s my second nature to me to share a good book the way you’d introduce a good friend. I read. I write. I talk books. I write books. I friend other writers and authors. I am a book freak; I am a confessed bibliophile. Book blogging allows me to indulge in my passion, express my love for books, share the good book news, and discover other like-minded readers. It’s a fun gig.

Share your thoughts and good book news in the comments below. Let’s talk.

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  • Literary Feline

    I like your definitions of a book blogger. :-) Book blogging has provided me with a place to talk about how a book I’ve read impacts me as a reader and to share it with others. I especially like the community aspect of book blogging. It’s what has kept me coming back.