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Getting things done the Bloggiesta way

Things to do with your blog

What to do about that pesky to-do list

If you’re an author who blogs or a passionate reader turned book blogger, then you know there are lots of little housekeeping things that eat up space on your to do list but never get checked off. Don’t you wish you’d stop the mad blogging merry-go-round and dedicate the time to clean up that list? I know I do. Lots of good intentions, there, I know. Maybe it’s time for a Bloggiesta.

Non-bloggers: Create your own “Bloggiesta”

Don’t think that because you’re not a blogger this post doesn’t apply to you. It does–at least in spirit. We all have projects full of unattended action lists. It’s human nature. You can have your own “bookiestam” “articleiesta,” writeiesta” or even “homeiesta.” (Maybe “honeyiesta” would be better.) The idea is to dedicate a weekend, three days from Friday through Sunday, to handle the tasks that pertain to that particular area of your life.

No time for fiesta, get things done with a Bloggiesta!

Join Bloggeista 2012 

For bloggers, this year’s event occurs the weekend of September 28 – 30. As I’m writing this, 106 bloggers have agreed to participate. It’s pretty flexible. Bloggiesta provides the community and forum. You create your own action list and govern your participation. Here’s the basics:

  • Work on your blog
  • Participate in mini challenges (optional)
  • Connect with other participants through blog hopping or twitter (optional)
  • Make new blogging friends, widen your community (optional)
  • Have a spiffed up blog and, hopefully, gain some new readers

For non-bloggers, why not choose the same weekend and develop your own Bloggiesta? We can all commit to conquer our to do lists that weekend.

My Bloggiesta 2012 pact

For me and for the other bloggers participating in Bloggiesta, that means paying attention to all the ticky-tacky things we’ve put off doing where our blogs are concerned. First, we must commit to the process. That’s done by creating a sign-up post announcing my intention to participate. Then it’s over to do the official sign-up on the Bloggiesta Participants page.

Over the next two weeks, I’ll create a task list dedicated to Bloggiesta weekend. Here are a few things I know I need to do:

  • Add several recommended plug-ins.
  • Map out my editorial calendar through January 15, 2013.
  • Review all areas of blog and create master to-do list.
  • Assess current state of blog.
  • Mind map plans for 2013.
  • Write Friday prompts for next 90 days.
  • Write Weekend Finds for next 90 days.

That’s enough to get me started. (I know, it may be enough to get me through Bloggeista!) How about you? Do you have an area of your writing life where a where a weekend Bloggeista would come in handy? Share you thought thoughts, ideas, and plans in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.


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