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A writer’s notebook

More resources for writers

In search of helpful websites and smart tools to make your writing life easier and more productive? This week’s finds might send you to the moon. They’ll certainly become handy for deadlines, lectures, and cafe writing.

If you haven’t stopped by recently, this is a new feature where I post information about books, writing, publishing and writers.

Need a blueprint?

Writing challenges, writing contests, and online cropping tool

Weekly Writing Challenge at The Daily Press at — This weekly challenge for bloggers is a great writing exercise that can be taken up by any writer. — This is a handy tool for anyone who needs a quick crop fix for a photo.

13th Annual Writer’s Digest Short Short Story Competition — Deadline is November 15, 2012. Prizes include $3,000.00, a paid trip to Writer’s Digest Writer’s Conference in New York City, and publication.

Book find of the week

Where’s the story’s plot?

Story Structure by Victoria Lynn Schmidt

Victoria Lynn Schmidt

If you’ve ever hung around writers for more than a few minutes, you’ll discover that some writers are plot-driven and others fall into the character-driven camp. But even for those who begin with a place, a time, even the glimpse of a plot, it doesn’t hurt to have a deeper understanding of the structure of story and the underlying master plots that continue to entice readers every year.

This not about recycling plots but about the architecture of stories and how you can come up with truly unique stories that will attract today’s readers.

Story Structure Architect: A Writer’s Guide to Building Dramatic Situations and Compelling Characters

That’s it for this week. All week long I gather bits and notes and finds about reading, writing, books, the writing process, the writing life and writers. Come back next week for more.


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