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Tips to start the year with a classic readathon

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The Classics Club Readathon – First Ever

Start the year reading classics in 24-hour readathonJump-start your reading year and sign up for The Classics Club Readathon, a 24-hour reading marathon, January 5, 2013. Yes, that’s this Saturday. You’ve got time to sign up, pick-your books, plan your hours and stock your pantry. The reading begins at 8:00 AM (EST) sharp and runs the clock for the next 24 hours. Full details are at The Classics Club linked below.

Sketch out a readathon plan

Rather than run to the bookcase, grab a book and start reading, I like to have a readathon plan. It’s good to choose wisely so you don’t get overwhelmed right out of the starting gate. Readathon veterans will tell you they have a plan of attack. Be reasonable in your expectations with your reading and with your hourly commitment. We all have many things to do and sometimes you can’t totally clear the decks. That’s okay. You don’t have to read every single second of the day.

Choose your books – I tend to look for a mixture and make sure I have one or two light and thin reads. That way I have a good chance of completing at least one book. I know my reading habits, how much I can do in an hour, and how many breaks or time-outs I need. I also pick a couple of alternates to provide for sudden mood swings.

Classic books and chocolate covered berries make for a good food combo.

A classic reader’s snack.

Don’t ignore your inner foodie – What do you enjoy eating when you read? Are you a snacker? A counter-surfer? Maybe a avid chocoholic. Make sure you have the required chips, dark chocolate, hot cocoa, tea, and for the true marathon readers plenty of coffee.

Plan for breaks – Don’t try to push through the whole 24 hours without taking a break. It’s good to take a moment to refresh your eyes, shake your body, and divert your attention so you can back to the text refreshed and ready to push on.

Schedule some social time – It’s 2013. It’s the age of social media. At this time, there are 49 readers signed up. There will be readathon participants on Twitter, Goodreads, the Facebook Fan Page and, of course, at The Classic Club’s website. Don’t overdo it on the chatting but do take some time to say hello, give a shout about your progress, encourage others, and make new friends.

Join us!

If you’re a Classics Club member, of course you’ll be choosing primarily classics from your Classics Club list. After all, the idea is to give you a nudge to knock a few off the list. There is some latitude when it comes to what makes a classic so don’t get worried. Don’t be afraid to toss in a book that works for other reading challenges or is simply at the top of your TBR pile. Have fun. Play. Read.

If you can’t spare time on Saturday or if you’re here after January 5th 2013, don’t worry. Take control and create your own personal readathon. Do it solo or entice a few fellow readers to join along. Use the basic ideas and go for it. Read. Read more.

Why Read the Classics? | How to Read a Book

So, are you in? Share your comments, book choices, or thoughts below. Love to hear from you.


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  • Fanda

    Good tips! I tend to choose only one book so that I can concentrate in it the whole day, distraction only makes my reading pace gets slower. It’s my second experience in readathon, but I have found that it’s good to read several chapters from a certain book, and if I’ve decided that I love it, then I’ll go with it for readathon. That way I’ll really enjoy the 24-hours of it. :)

  • Mary Russell

    The Classics Club Readathon is my first one, and this is excellent advice. Thanks!

  • BronaDragonfly

    I wish I had read this before the readathon!!