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What’s in a day with the Classics Club Readathon?

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The Classics Club Readathon begins

Enjoy reading the classics? Maybe you want to give a great book a try. The first readathon hosted by The Classics Club is well on its way and I’m just getting started.

My first hour of the day is always full as the dogs, all six, run out for their first potty run, and I fill their food bowls. I’m also the primary caregiver for my mom who is 97, so next is the kettle to make the hot tea for my mom and the hot water for my coffee. Finally, the dogs come in and eat. The cats are fed. My mom has her mixture of hot green tea and Irish tea and renewed glass of cold water. Then there’s some time to check in for the readathon, write my new post, and prepare for the day of reading. Here’s my answers to our readathon introduction and you’ll find my readathon updates below.

Name and Blog:

I’m Vikk and this is my blog Down the Writer’s Path. I’ve been blogging since late 2002.

Snacks and Beverages of Choice:

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee followed by Perrier and some Green Tea. All punctuated with bits of dark chocolate and maybe a Hershey’s Almond bar. Maybe throw in some chips and dips.

Where are you reading from today?

From the comfy couch most of the time and perhaps my desk for awhile.

What are your goals for the Readathon? 

My goals are laid back. The big goal is to finish at least one book on my Classics list and the secondary is to read more of Moby Dick.

  • Play catch up for the Moby Dick Big Read.
  • Read at least one book plus Xingu.
  • Make new friends in The Classics Club.

I’ve also posted some tips for the readathon.

What book(s) are you planning on reading?

The full list is in my post: My reading plan for the readathon

Are you excited?

Actually, I am. Last night I had to restrain myself from turning on the iPad and starting Xingu. This should be a fun day.

Ready, set, read

I’ll be on Twitter (@vikksimmons), checking the club’s Facebook and website, and looking at the posts made by others during the day. To read all tweets for readathon, check #ccreadathon.

I’ll add a few updates to chart my progress and initial thoughts here so I’ hope you’ll come back. Let’s read.



11:15 am – Finished my first read: Xingu by Edith Wharton (1916)  Read it as part of The Classics Club Readathon. Loved it. Quick read as it’s a short one, 40 – 45 minutes for me. Free download from Amazon, too. Highly recommend it to everyone but book club members and writers will find it especially humorous. Next up is catch-up with Moby Dick.

Noon: Took a break, gave the big dog a potty break, and decided I needed a big breakfast of sunnyside egg, toast, and fresh cantelope before tackling Moby Dick. Still raining and I’m off to read. Just checked the Moby Dick Big Read. Wow. They’re on chapter 112 today so I have a lot of catching up to do. I’m on 42. (I think I’ll do my Goodread chat group chapter updates later so I concentrate on reading today.) Off to the book–

3:15: Well, I had a late start as my mom woke up so she needed breakfast at noon, then the cat needed to be fed, and then the dogs pawed to go potty amidst the nonstop rain (they must have really had to go). So it was a little bit after 1 pm when I got into good old Moby. Managed to read through 10 chapters and I am really loving it. I continue to be amazed at how much I love this book. Anyway, time to break. My daughter is on the way to sit with mom so I can head out to mass. Will pick things back up later, probably around 7 pm central, then I’ll be in and settled for the rest of the evening and night.  Keep reading.

8:00: Okay, I’m back. Mom and cats fed, dogs have pottied, daughter’s gone and the house is still. Time to launch a boat and hoist onto the Pequod for another shot at that wily white whale. I love this book. See ya later.

4:00 am Still chasing the white whale through the night. I’ve reached the 400 page mark and am approaching chapter 89. My goal is to reach chapter 112 so I’m caught up with the Moby Dick Big Read. All seems quiet among The Classics Club. Nary a Tweet. Mom is asleep. The dogs are asleep. Even the cats are asleep, and the incessant rain has stopped. But I move on. Three hours to go. Will I make it? Will I start a new book? Let’s see.

5:30 am Finished my reading of Moby Dick through chapter 113. I am now offically caught up with the Moby Dick Big Read once again. #2 accomplished. Still nearly an hour and a half left till we’re officially over, so I think I’ll turn my eyes toward Robert Lewis Stevenson’s Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes. It’s a short book so there’s a chance I’ll finish by 7 am. We’ll see.

7:00 am End of Readathon and I stopped at page 84 of 154 in Travels with a Donkey. I imagine i’ll finish it later today…after a nap.

End of Readathon wrap-up

And so we come to the end of The Classic Club’s first readathon, and, for me, it was a resounding success. My baseline goals were to read Xingu, catch up with the Moby Dick Big Read, and make new friends. I’m positive about the first two and think I’ve managed to make some new friends along the way. I crossed a book off my classics list and the bonus is I am more than halfway through the second, Travels with a Donkey.  Can’t knock that.

Slow start coupled with a 5-hour absence Saturday afternoon, so I’m quite pleased with the results. I enjoyed the event and keeping up with folks on Twitter. Moderators kept this moving. Right now, I think it went well, but not many made it through the entire event. I wonder how a 24 hour readathon would do that allowed for 12 hours on Saturday and 12 hours on Sunday? I would do this again. I think readathons are a good way to do some deep reading. How about you?

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  • BronaDragonfly

    Great progress. I enjoyed your updates.

    Brona’s Books

  • Adam

    Good luck! I’m glad you enjoyed the Wharton (I really like her writing, but haven’t read this one). Moby Dick is brilliant, although it was a beast to get through, for me. Took me months!

  • Vikk Simmons

    Thanks! I have to agree about the brilliance of Moby Dick…and I never thought I would. Never thought I’d even like it. Boy, was I wrong. Oddly, it’s a fast and easy read for me, too.He’s really got me going. :)

  • Vikk Simmons

    Thanks for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed the post. Hope your reading is going well today.

  • Love at First Book

    I know you’re doing well since I’ve seen you tweeting a bit! :) Very great accomplishment to complete a 24 hour read-a-thon!

  • Patty

    And I thought my Sophie’s World was a challenge – well done with tackling Moby Dick! See you on the next readathon!

  • Alex In Leeds

    Hey, sorry your comments got sucked into the spam filter. I’ve had a happy coffee break looking around your blog and am happy to have ‘met’ another readathoner, allbeit a little late!

  • Lisa Almeda Sumner

    I’m so impressed at how much you got read, with all that was going on. Did you say *six* dogs?! As for reading choices, yours are impeccable (okay, I never read that particular Edith Wharton, but you can’t go wrong with Wharton). Moby Dick was better and less difficult than I expected, once I finally got around to reading it (intimidation factor). Now I’m looking forward to rereading Moby Dick for The Classics Club. Glad to finally catch up on my blog visits…I spent my readathon engrossed in All the Pretty Horses.