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Classics Club spin winner is The Man in the Iron Mask

A classic tale of intrigue and duplicity

Who is Prisoner #13? Well, thanks to the new Classics Club Spin I get to find out. Number 14 on my list is the famous book of The Three Muskateers by Alexandre Dumas commonly known as The Man in the Iron Mask.

Me, Alexandre Dumas, and his Masked Man

I think I may have read this when I was a kid plowing my way through all the Heritage Press books lined up on the bookshelves in our living room. I know I’ve watched one of the older movies, the one with Richard Chamberlain. Younger readers will probably be more familiar with the version starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

No matter the version or format, it’s a great story which is why I put it on my Classics Club main reading list, so this will definitely be a fun read full of action and adventure.

Play the Spin Reading Challenge

If you missed my earlier post on The Classics Club Spin, it’s basically a reading challenge where we were to pull twenty book off our  main reading list and post our choices. Then the club would “spin the number” to tell us which book on that short list we were to read by April 1st. If you’re not a member of the club, that’s okay. You could still play a version of the spin by writing up a quick list of ten, fifteen or twenty books and then pulling  a number out of a jar, a hat, or some other container to find the book to read.

So that’s my update for The Classics Club Spin. I’ll be posting more about The Man in the Iron Mask by April 1st. Meanwhile, if you’re intrigued why not pick up a copy and join in the fun? Share your thoughts and tell me what you think about my reading choice.

The Classics Book Club

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