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Weekend Writing Finds – They’re all a-Twitter

This entry is part 10 of 10 in the series Weekend Writing Finds

A writer’s notebook

Social media tools for writers

Social media helps writers and especially authors get the word out about their work. Twitter can be a useful tool for writers but how many of us really understand its ins and outs? Do you totally get the whole hashtag thing? What about trending?

Tweetreach, Hashtags, and Trending

Tweetreach – Curious about what happens to your Tweet once it’s been launched?  Check out this tool. You’ll find out just how far that little Tweet traveled. – What about Twitter Hashtags? What’s up with that? Do you put them ahead in the middle or at the end of the Tweet? On this site, you’ll find analytics, a simple guide, info about hashtag etiquette, and even a dictionary.

What the Trend? – This site helps you understand what’s trending on Twitter. (They’re tracking over 300,000 trends.) You can help define and redefine what’s going on.

Book find of the week

Twitter tools for writers shared by Benjamin Wallace

Benjamin Wallace

If you’re looking for strategies and ways to utilize Twitter to help promote your book, your  blog, your anything, Read up on Benjamin Wallace ‘s ideas on how to use Twitter for promotion.

Giving The Bird: The Indie Author’s Guide to Twitter

That’s it for this week. All week long I gather bits and notes and finds about reading, writing, books, the writing process, the writing life and writers. Come back next week for more and share your Twitter Tips in the comments below.

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