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Kitchen timers boost writing productivity

Kitchen timers belong in the writer’s toolbox

Writers use time bombs in their stories, why not use one as a productivity tool for writers?

Time bomb timer is great for writers

Kitchen timers are a gift for writers. Forget all those other writing productivity tools. The best get-it-done tools for a writer are those handy and inexpensive kitchen timers. Best of all, kitchen timers come in all sizes and styles.

How to use kitchen timers to spur your writing

I’m a big proponent of the  “inch by inch everything’s a cinch” method, so it’s only inevitable that I would discover the value of kitchen timers when it comes to writing. Timers help you break things down into manageable tasks and time periods. You don’t have to write all day. In fact, most productive and successful writers admit their most productive writing time-span is about 3-4 hours.

Does that mean you must clear the decks and insist on a solid 4-hour block of time? That’s great if that is easy for you to move in, too. But some writers are easily distracted or have a life fraught with interruptions. For them, breaking their time commitments down into smaller units often helps them become more productive.

That’s where kitchen timers are so helpful.

3 ways for writers to use kitchen timers

Kitchen timers are so useful that once you try one, you’ll find more and more ways to incorporate them into your writing life. Here are three immediate uses.

  1. Use kitchen timers for 5-minute writing sprint exercises.
  2. Use kitchen timers to set a timed writing session that is doable such as 45 minutes. Repeat as needed.
  3. Use kitchen timers as reminders to take breaks during long writing sessions.
Kitchen timers - fun gifts for writers and great productivity writing tools.

Smart Cube Kitchen Timers

Simple Easy-to-Use Kitchen Timers

Maybe you don’t want to mess with all those fancy digital, electrical and mechanical timers. Perhaps you want something else, something different, something unexpected. Most writers tend to enjoy working in simple blocks of time. They want something quick and easy to use so they don’t lose any writing time.

The Smart Cube Timer

Among the many types of kitchen timers, there is one unique style that offers a simple solution. There are several versions, but the Datexx – The Miracle Cube Timer basically divides time up into four segments such as 5 min, 15 min, 30 min, and 60 min. Each side of the cube is marked with one of those timed segments.

The ease of use of this timer couldn’t be simpler. Decide how much time you need for your task such as writing a 5-minute prompt and place the cube so that the five minute side is showing on top. An alarm goes off when the time is up. Easy-peasy.

Go here to find more types of kitchen timers including novelty kitchen timers and fun gadget timers that also make great gifts for writers. Tell me what you think about using kitchen timers to help you become a more productive writer.


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