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Weekend getaways in Texas – My new ebook release

Weekend getaways in Texas are explored in new ebook release of Texas guidebookVacation ideas -Texas guidebook

Imagine my surprise to learn that the weekend getaways in Texas travel guide book that I co-authored is a new ebook release and just in time for summer Texas travel. Had no idea, but it’s a nice surprise. I guess it’s time for Elaine and I to hop back on our Texas authors horse and start moving.

eBook launch of Texas travel book

I called Elaine, my co-author, to share the news. We had a big laugh because we hadn’t a clue, then played around with the idea of doing an ebook launch to announce the ebook release. Honestly, it’s been quite a while since I’ve even thought of doing any book promotions. The last eight years I’ve been focused on caring for my elderly parents, so I’m more than a little rusty.

Successful first book signing

Authors of Houston travel guidebooks Vikk Simmons and Elaine Galit at booksigning

Vikk Simmons and Elaine Galit (2005)
Co-authors Exploring Texas History: Weekend Adventures

I dug around and found this photo from our first book signing back in 2005 when our book came out. I remember the weekend because it was around Father’s Day and Texas history is a big hit with a lot of Texans. The store hoped to capitalize on that and it worked. We had a successful signing with a lot of walk-in sales and the book was well-received.

Elaine L. Galit and Vikk Simmons are co-authors of Exploring Houston with Children (2001) and Exploring the Arts and Culture of Houston with Children (2005), travel and resource guides for parents, teachers, homeschoolers and community leaders. They were named July Authors of the Month in 2001 by the Houston area Barnes and Noble and Bookstop Bookstores. They appeared on the local NBC-TV affiliate’s Sunday Morning Show and were featured in many radio and print interviews. In 2002 the Fort Bend Literacy League named them among the featured authors at the annual Fort Bend Book & Author Dinner. Both have worked in the book industry as former event and promotion coordinators: Galit worked for the independent bookstore Blue Willow Bookshop and Simmons as a Community Relations Coordinator (CRC) for Borders Books. They share a passion for history and travel. – Amazon – About the Authors


Where do you get good book ideas? 

We’ve been fortunate to have publishers offer us contracts for our travel book ideas. To date, we’ve co-authored three Texas guide books. While you might have an overall idea, you don’t really close the sale with a publisher until you round it out and give it form and substance. Here’s how we did our Texas books.

Exploring Houston with Children – Houston city guide 

Weekend getaways in Texas are featured day trips in Houston travel guide.With our first book idea, Elaine successfully pitched the premise of a Houston city guidebook to an editor with Taylor Trade Publishing, an old and well-respected regional publishing company. I came on board after the editor expressed interest and we mapped out the format. We wanted to tie places to go in Houston to the Texas school curriculum, so chapters reflected subjects like space, nature, museums, history, politics, parks, day trips, fun places, and backyard fun ideas. We wanted a book that would not only attract parents and visitors but teachers, too.

Exploring the Arts and Culture of Houston – Houston city guide

Our second book idea played off the first but was devoted to arts and culture in Houston. The editor loved the idea and we landed a contract. In the midst of production our book got caught in one of those publishing nightmares when a company is sold. The book went in and out of production several times. Unfortunately it is not available.

Exploring Texas History: Weekend Advenutres – Texas guide book

Weekend getaways in Texas are explored in new ebook release of Texas guidebookOur third book idea, contracted with the new major national publisher Roman & Litttlefield, focused on the state and weekend getaways in Texas. We combined Texas history stories with the various cities and towns. The idea was to add the historical short stories to the destination spots we featured. Because of the release date, we discovered it the book proved to be a great gift item for men and a gift for Father’s Day.

 Marketing your ebook

Learning how to market your ebook involves a pretty big shift in thinking if you come out of the traditional end of publishing. This is a new endeavor for us. We’ll take what we know on marketing your book and find out what we need to know on how to promote your ebook. All help is appreciated.

Amazon Author Page

With the news of the ebook version of our book on weekend getaways in Texas, I thought I better visit Amazon’s Author Central to check my page. I added my Twitter account, added my blog feeds including Houston Angle, and updated the bio. (While I was at it, I checked out our publisher page.)

How to promote your ebook – online book promotion

Online book promotion for Exploring Texas History: Weekend Adventures, our book full of weekend getaways in Texas, is definitely in its ebook promotion infancy. Naturally, I’m starting with a post about the news today followed by the usual social media.

If you have an ideas, thoughts, or suggestions, do comment. I’d love to hear from you. Meanwhile, I’m going to go celebrate. Oh, and if you want a copy, go here to check out our ebook on weekend getaways in Texas.

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