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Magazine essay contest seeks your story

Major magazine essay contest for writers by Ladies Home Journal. Magazine essay contest – Ladies Home Journal 2013

Looking for a major magazine essay contest to enter? Ladies Home Journal is interested in the best decision you’ve ever made. That’s the topic for this year’s LJH Personal Essay Contest. When it comes to writing contests, this is a major one.  The deadline is December 6, 2013.

The prize package for this magazine essay contest is $3,000.00 and a chance for your entry to be published by Ladies Home Journal, one of the top major magazines. 

When you think back to a defining time in your life, it probably began with a choice you made. Maybe it was big (“I moved to a city where I didn’t know anyone”) or little (“I decided to chat with that cute guy at the DMV”). Maybe you didn’t feel confident about your decision at the time — or even regretted it — but now you can see that it had a huge impact on your life.  – LJH editors

What the Ladies Home Journal contest judges want

Like most editors, the magazine essay contest judges are seeking manuscripts with quality writing, emotional power, and, of course, originality. In addition, they will be looking equally at overall creativity, originality, use of language, and adherence to the contest’s theme.

Remember, the topic for this year’s contest is all about decisions and in particular the best decision you’ve ever made. Think back to a crossroads in your life and how the decision you made then impacted the rest of your life. The decision can be good or it can be bad, but it must be a decision you made. You have free rein to interpret the topic. The judges will be focused on clarity in writing and originality.

Magazine essay contest rules

The basic rules for writing the essay are pretty simple. Wordcount is no more than 2,000 words. Manuscript submission should be written or typed  in Microsoft format.

As with any writing contest, it’s essential that you read ALL the rules including all that fine print that no one want to read. Contests are pretty picky when it comes to following their rules. You don’t want to be disqualified for something you missed.

Magazine essay contest submissions

While you want to See the contest rules for the specific addresses and online submission form, you have three ways to enter:

  1. Using the online submission form
  2. E-mailing your manuscript as an attachment
  3. Snail-mailing (USPS) your manuscript

 Ladies Home Journal magazine essay contest winners

Whenever possible it’s always good to read the previous contest winning entries. Here are the last two essay contest winning entries.

Winner of major magazine essay contest - Ladies Home JournalThe Vacation Nightmare That Changed My Life – Christine Pakkala hated to fly. Yet a flight changed her life. Read last year’s winning essay that was published earlier this year.

Magazine essay contest winner for Ladies Home Journal Casualities of War – Tammie Dominski had the winning essay published in 2012. The magazine wanted the writers to “Tell us about the day that changed your life.”

 Contest information tips and help

Here are the links to the Ladies Home Journal official rules, online submission form, and general contest information. Be sure and become familiar with all the rules.

Go here for information on Glamour Magazine’s “My Real Life Essay Contest.”

Go here for information on the Good Housekeeping “Every Mother Has a Story” Memoir contest.

Books on how to write personal essays

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