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NaNoWriMo Rules

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NaNoWriMo Rules – The few and the many

NaNoWriMo rules - Day one rule is to begin: Write!

Start NaNoWriMo Now!

Of all the NaNoWriMo rules, the single most important one is that you must have 50,000 words of a new manuscript by the end of November. All other rules flow that one.

So, for the month of November you can pretty much do what you want as long as 50K is your bottom line. Stand on your head and type with one hand behind your back. Write 12,500 words one day a week and you should be golden.

 My top three NaNoWriMo rules

My NaNoWriMo rules are pretty simple and geared to keep me productive. I admit I’m a pretty productive writer but when approaching a project with the scope and end result of NaNoWriMo, I like to do whatever I can to ensure I reach the finish line in good shape.

NaNoWriMo Rules – Start on day one

The best way to have a good start with any type of project is to begin. For me, that means starting the actual writing on the first day of NaNoWriMo even if it’s only 50 or 100 words. I write something.

NaNoWriMo Rules – Track the wordcount

I like to track my progress. Since I tend to write most days during NaNoWriMo, a daily tracking works for me. I find it encouraging and motivating. For those times when I’ve been unable to write every day, then a weekly tracking helps to guide my future work days. The one I like allows for daily input and shows what you have to do each day to make that 50,000 word goal possible. Justin MacLaughain has a great downloadable NaNoWriMo Wordcount Spreadsheet.

NaNoWriMo Rules – Take breaks

Nanowrimo rules include taking breaks and using a timer. I’m a huge fan of hourly breaks when I’m working at the computer. In part it’s because I have a shoulder-neck problem but mostly it’s because I know breaks lead to higher productivity. Any timer will do, even an oven timer. Read more on how I use kitchen timers boost writing productivity.

So those are my top three NaNoWriMo rules for having a productive writing month. What are yours?

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