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Halloween reading list and plans

Halloween reading list and events

Halloween approaches and my interest in horror books is rekindled as I pull together my Halloween reading list. October is a wonderful time for reading, especially if, like me, you adore Edgar Allan Poe. My interest becomes laser-focused as I pull his books from the shelf, stack them on bed table, and renew my love for the great master of the horror genre. I’m also preparing to participate in the 2014 Murder, Monsters, and Mayhem reading event. Why not join in?

Halloween reading list short story - The Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe

The Tell-Tale Heart (Heritage Press edition) by Edgar Allan Poe

Halloween reading event

October Halloween reading list for horror readers and loversJenn over at Jenn’s Boookshelves loves to have company during her compulsive and rather obsessive reading of the macabre and has created an annual event called Murder, Monsters, & Mayhem.  It’s a great excuse to plop into the nearest recliner, pull your favorite horror book from the nearby book stack, and spend an afternoon and/or evening gobbling up pages and reveling in your favorite horrific story. To learn more and to sign up (easy-peasy), go to the 2014 Murder, Monsters, & Mayhem page.

My Halloween reading list

Naturally dear Edgar’s Tell-Tale Heart short story will be at the top of my list but he has so many more for me to revisit, so I will also be reading Complete Stories and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe. I love this edition put out by Doubleday.

 More books on my Halloween reading list

I am a fan of short stories and October is a great month to delve into the short form. There are so many rich offerings not only by Poe but also by  today’s master Stephen King. I read King’s Full Dark, No Stars last year and was blown away once again with his range, his skill, and his clear mastery of the writing craft. He is such a great story teller. It’s amazing, what he can do with a single moment.

If you enjoy reading short works, I encourage you to check out my Short Works Reading Challenge. Here are a few more books and stories I plan to read this October:

Complete Stories and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe

In the Shadow of the Master

Just After Sunset: Stories

 That’s it for me right now. What’s on your Halloween reading list?

  • IMAGES: Amazon book covers via; Tell-Tale Heart book pages 2014 copyright Vikk Simmons; Murder, Monsters & Mayhem badge via Jenn’s

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  • Kathy Reel

    Hi, Vikk. I always like to read at least one Poe story during the month of October for Halloween. I plan on posting a list of Halloween readings over on my blog, too, at sometime this coming week. It seems like each year I have plans to do a big Halloween reading stretch, and I never do get as much read as I’d like.

  • Vikk Simmons

    Hi Kathy, Thanks for stopping by and saying hi. Yes, it’s a great month to read. I plan to read Edith Wharton’s New England short stories during the Dewey Readathon as they are supposed to have a spooky air. :)