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PiBoIdMo 2014 offers 30 days of non-stop fun (Picture Book Idea Month)

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PiBoIdMo 2014 begins November 01, 2014

PiBoIdMo Picture Book Idea Month for children's writers begins in November.Picture Book Idea Month (PiBoMoId 2014) is in its sixth year and begins in one week. That means you still have plenty of time to sign up for a rollicking good time with hundreds of other picture book writers. This is a highly interactive group and a great way to network and meet new writers. Last year more than a thousand picture book writers made the 30-day commitment.

PiBoIdMo 2014 will unleash your creativity

Imagine the creativity that will be unleashed when you commit to a month of generating ideas. That’s what PiBoIdMo 2014 is all about. For one solid month, you will generate one idea every day. It will become easier and easier and pretty soon you will have ideas popping out all over. You can register for this year’s event through November 7th.

PiBoIdMo 2014 offers an opportunity to network

Without a doubt, you will meet other writers who love picture books as much as you do. Join hundreds of other picture book writers ready to engage in the PiBoIdMo 2014 Facebook Group (group name PiBoIdMo 2011). Use the Twitter hastag #PiBoIdMo.

PiBoIdMo 2014 has daily activities with authors, illustrators, and picture book professionals

Every day you’ll find a blog post written by well-known authors, illustrators and professionals from the picture book community. This is a wonderful time to get to know these pros and learn and be inspired. Make a daily visits to the PiBoIdMo 2014 blog.

PiBoIdMo 2014 awards prizes

Yes, there be prizes. Lots of prizes for participants.

Reading picture books for PiBoIdMo 2014PiBoIdMo 2014 is easy and fun

This is an easy and fun month-long challenge that stimulates creativity and leads to wonderful new projects. Most participants reach their 30-idea goal by mid-month but they keep going. Journals are full of ideas. Many go ahead and develop their concepts. Others use this opportunity to ready themselves for the big 12 x12 picture book commitment (one developed picture book a month).

Whether you are a confirmed picture book writer or not, this is a great creative challenge for any writer. Idea generation is a skill writers require. Why not hone yours starting now. The Pre-PiBoIdMo 2014 activities are rolling out now. What do you think? Is this something you’d like to do? Share your thoughts and comments below, and be sure and say hello during PiBoIdMo 2014.

If you think you might be interested in exploring picture book writing, check out Writing with Pictures: How to Write and Illustrate Picture Books. You might also want to have The Coffee Break Journal for Fiction Writers, too.


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