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Stop, Sit, and Read – Readathon books for 2014

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Even the dogs are readathon-ready!

Stop Sit Breathe and Read - Ready for Dewey's Readathon books

Ready for Storytime

The official readathon books for Dewey’s Readathon 2014

Yep, we are readathon-ready, folks. The dogs are settled. The books are pulled.  The food is prepared. The chair is chosen. What else is there? Oh, the books.

Readathon Books – Short Stories

Xingu by Edith Wharton — This is becoming a Dewey tradition. (read 10/18/14)

The Lottery by Shirley Jackson — Haven’t read this in decades. (listened to free online audio version 10/18/14)

The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe — Yet, another tradition that has to happen. (read 10/18/14)

Readathon Books

Wharton’s New England: Seven Stories by Edith Wharton — Now that I’ve read Xingu I am intrigued and want to read more. This collection should fit the Halloween season, too.

City of God by Saint Augustine — No, not the entire book. I’m part of a year-long read-a-thon and need to play catch-up.

The Technologists by Mathew Pearl — He’s an interesting writer and this is an great setting. Can’t wait to see what he does with it.

Story of a Soul by Saint Therese of Lisieux — Another book that has been staring at me for way too long. Time to turn the pages.

I don’t think this is as ambitious as last year. I’d say it’s my basic program for the readathon tomorrow and open to tweaking as I go along. What? What do the dogs want me to read? Guess. They gave it 4-paws up!

So what are you most looking forward to reading? I’m really intrigued with Mathew Pearl’s book, The Technologists. I think there’s even a bonus short story included in the book. (I’m not sure I’ve seen that before. ) Anyway, it’s a historical msytery set in the 1860s with a great set of characters. Now, you share yours—and be sure and check back during the readathon and say hi!

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    Sweet pups!!!! Thanks for joining The Pet Parade!