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Readathon prep in full swing

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Readathon prep for Dewey's 24 hour ReadathonReadathon Prep begins

Readathon prep is in full mode in preparation for the biggest reading holiday of the year: Dewey’s 24-hr Readathon. This is not my first time with Dewey’s but for some reason my excitement is growing hour by hour. I absolutely can’t wait for 7 am tomorrow. That’s my start time. (To find yours, look up your start time here.) If you aren’t sure whether you a marathon reading event is beneficial, read my benefits of readathons. If you are planning to participate, here are a few readathon prep tips:

Gather books ahead of time

Readathon prep involves pulling books to readIt makes sense to gather your books before your start time. You don’t want to waste time during the marathon combing the bookstacks and being on the hunt for that next gotta-read book. I’ve already pulled my initial books, but I still have a few left to find.

Find a comfy reading chair

Location, location, location—yes, even in readathons location matters. Where will you sit and read? It may not be the best idea to sit in that lounge chair directly on the path to the kitchen. You’ll be interrupted all day long. Where is a good place for you to relax, to breathe, and to read?

Stock up on readathon snacks

Last year, I wrote about the type of snacks that are good for readathons.  While I’m all for the combination of dark chocolate with a good book,  there’s no reason to stifle your inner foodie. The article shows some of my absolute favorites, including bruschhetta. This year I may pull out my magic Vita-Clay crock pot. I like it because it slow cooks in half the time. I also think I’ll start the day off with a good old green smoothie. I need an excuse to use my super-duper blender. Another fun way to enjoy food and books is to turn on the fondue pot. Think chocolate, dark chocolate.  Check the recipe collections below,  you might find them helpful. (Yes, Mad Fondue is a collection I put together.)

So there you have some ways that you can prepare for the big day. What are some of your preparations? I’d love to know? Got a good recipe? Please share.

Readathon snacks like green smoothies are great to start a marathon reading event

Readathon snack recipes for fonduePerfect smoothies receips for readathons






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