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How Dewey’s Readathon led to a new book publication

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24 hour readathon

Readathon leads to publication

Readathon rituals are good. Mine led me to publish a new book this past year. I’ll share all the info, but first things first: April 25, 2015 is the day when readers from around the world gather virtually to read together for 24 hours. (Sign-up here.)

Why participate in Dewey’s Readathon?

Well, mostly because it’s fun. This event must be experienced. You can’t imagine what it’s like to share your reading and your progress with your fellow readers from around the world. The Twitter parties that go on all day are fast and exciting. I keep TweetDeck open during the entire 24 hours. Once you’ve participated, you’ve made friends. The readathon is a time to reconnect and share.

But it’s mostly about the books. We all have books we wish we’d read, planned to read, hope to reread. Dewey’s readathon gives you the space and the place to make that happen, all in 24 hours. Now you know you want to try it. There are many benefits. My participation prompted me to create a new book for publication.

How Dewey’s Readathon promped a new book

Thanks to the joy I receive every time I begin my readathon ritual of reading Edith Wharton’s XINGU, I now have a new book to add to my publishing credits. I so enjoy Wharton’s short story, and it is absolutely the perfect book for book lovers, book club readers, short story aficiandos, and readathon participants. So much so, that I made my own edition available on Amazon for all readers everywhere. I added information about Edith Wharton and a wonderful essay called The Vice of Reading. I also included a Reader Discussion Guide. I’m offering the book at a special sale price of 99 cents during Dewey’s Readathon! (Sadly, due to Amazon’s policies, I am unable to offer a free promotion for this book, so I’ve lowered the $2.99 price to 99 cents for the readathon.) You get Xingu, The Vice of Reading, and the Reader Discussion Guide for the 99 cents. Grab your copy and join me in my readathon ritual by reading Wharton’s wonderful story, Xingu.

Book club guide for Xingu by Edith Wharton


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