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Piktochart Online Tool to Create Pins

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Piktochart for Authors

Ancient Greek Gods and Myths come alive in new series ZEUS LOVESPiktochart provides an easy way for authors to start using Pinterest to promote their books. Pretty much everyone knows the popularity of Pinterest. For authors, it comes down to figuring how to harness the power of the pin. Yes, yet another thing to learn, my friends. Unfortunately, Photoshop is not in my wheelhouse, so I’m at a huge disadvantage. I need a way to get through this maze of information and an easy 1-2-3 make-a-pin technique. I may have found such a way with with Pictochart, an easy-to-use online infographic creator. Here’s my first effort. It’s a start and it is hyperlinked to take you to the book on Amazon.

Reasons to use Piktochart for Fast Pinterest Pins

There are several types of pins that can be created, the infograph is but one. You can create a poster similar to the style I just used.  Here are a few reasons why Piktochart might help you get started:

  1. Piktochart has a beginning free level to get started.
  2. Piktochart has more than 400 templates you can use.
  3. Piktochart has a ready-made library to get you started.
  4. Piktochart has a quick and easy start-up video.
  5. Piktochart offers several ways to save your image: JPEG, PNG, PDF, etc.

If you are looking for a way to get something up quickly, then this handy online tool would be one way to make a pin fast and easy. If you want to remove the company logo, you can do that with a Pro account here. Let me know what you think and share your experience with Pinterest pins and marketing books.  I’d love ot hear from others. What’s your favorite tool? Have you tried using Pinterest to market your books?


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