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Audio Books Made Easy course

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Creating audio books for Amazon - Audio Books Made EasyHow to make audio books

Audio Books Made Easy, now that’s a course I’d like. Audio books are definitely a trending format when it comes to books. I think for most of us, we feel that creating them is definitely out of our wheelhouse. I know I have felt that way even as I listened to the audio book drum beat. For the technologically challenged, the main options have been to either pay for the narration and production up front so you have all the royalties or work a royalty deal with a producer and narrator where you have less royalty percentage but no upfront costs.

Pros and cons of audio book creation options

For some books it can easily take up to $400 and more to get a good producer and narrator package. That’s a rather hefty outlay of expense upfront. For the royalty split to work, you have to find a producer/narrator interested enough in your project to want to give up their time. They will often want to know the sales potential, etc., before they commit. For me, I had considered getting my feet wet with one of my short stories but would it be worth it financially with the first option and would anyone want to bother with such a small project for the royalty split?

Audio books made easy

Create your own audio books Things fell into place for me recently when I came across Derek Doepker’s new course AUDIO BOOKS MADE EASY. It’s a DIY course that anyone — even me — could follow and do. Now I am super-technologically challenged. Remotes evade me. Few technical courses are done well enough for me to go through without a boatload of head-banging moments. No so with Derek’s course. He made it simple and easy to follow.

I found his course so helpful, I even talked to him about it and gave him a review. I now am comfortable with the idea of my creating audio books out of my short stories. That is a HUGE mindset change. I love the idea of making audio formats available for my readers. How about you?

If you would like to know more about his course, check out AUDIO BOOKS MADE EASY here.

Audio Books Made Easy - The perfect DIY Audio Books Creation Course by Derek Doepker__________________

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