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Audio Books – A good publishing format?

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Creating audio books is the new format for Kindle publishing.

Publish Audio Books

Audio books on the rise

Audio books are a rising tide in publishing these days for a variety of reasons. For anyone publishing, they are an additional revenue stream. For readers, they are a new format for consumption. Me? If I went on personal experience, I probably wouldn’t think too much about them. I’m one of those people who can’t seem to stay tuned in as my right brain takes off on too many fanciful flights. That is not the case for a growing majority of people. So as a small publisher, I’m giving audio a second — and a third look.

Three Reasons to Publish Audio Books

Audio books experiencing a strong growth

The number of audio books published since 2010 is pretty impressive. The Audio Publishers Association (APA) reports 6,200 published titles in 2010 compared to 25,787 titles in 2014. Sales in 2014 were a staggering $1.47 billion and up 13.5% over the previous year. Reasons cited had to do with the ease and growing popularity of digital downloads coupled with an growing awareness of the format. Those numbers are pretty hard to argue with when it comes to looking at this as a consistently growing, viable trend.

Additional royalty revenue stream

As a small Kindle publisher, I am always looking for ways to increase sales. That’s why I also take advantage of the print book format when publishing new books. The addition of audio books to the mix makes sense since I can receive royalties off the sales. Even though I’m a dedicated reader and love reading physical books, I recognize that there is a huge population of readers who prefer to listen rather than read. That’s a market I want to tap.

 Ease of distribution for audible books

Once again, Amazon has come up with a way for authors and small publishers to tap into a market. This time it’s the audio book. Their ACX Amazon platform allows you to take control of this format and transform your written word into an audio book that is then made available for distribution through Amazon and other distribution channels. This is really becoming a format that is hard to ignore. With ACX you can either pay for the narration and get the work produced and published or do it yourself. You can even work a royalty deal where you share the royalty and eliminate most up-front costs.

So you can see why audio book creation is becoming more and more the talk among writers, self-publishers, and small publishers. For those of you who are DIY inclined, you may find that doing it yourself is the most cost-effective and preferred way to go. If so, you’ll enjoy the next topic in this series when I talk about a new course, Audio Books Made Easy.


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