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Readathon Reading

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Readathon reading for Dewey’s 24-hour Readathon

Readathon reading of old vintage books. Dewey's 24-Hour Readathon materialRunning late on the readathon reading for today but I do have a few books selected to get me started. I usually grab some older books from the rows of bookcases, but not today. These are from the the closest TBR file next to my desk. I’m showing nine books that are now in today’s first round of books. These are all faith-based books.  Have no idea whether I will read one, two, or all of them; I guess it will depend upon my mood. In a few hours I may decide to switch gears; if so, I’ll do another post with the new selections. This is so unlike the way I usually approach the readathon. Have you read any of these?

Readathon reading focused on Amish romance


I enjoy reading Amish fiction and it’s taken me way too long to read these books by Linda Byler. Unlike many Amish romance writers, she grew up Amish, so I’m looking forward to reading her stories.

Readathon reading focused on Catholic-based YA and middle grade fiction.

The next three books are Catholic-based books. I grabbed them when I listened to some interviews with the authors and have had them on my TBR stack for some time. These are YA and middle grade books. 

Readathon reading of more Amish authors

The last round features more Amish romance books by two other authors. I am particularly looking forward to reading the Christmas novella by Cindy Woodsmall.

As I said, I’m not guaranteeing that I’ll read all the titles listed but it does give me some options over the upcoming hours. I love participating in readathons, especial the Dewey 24-Hour Readathon. There’s nothing like shutting off the computer, disengaging from the world and falling into a good book for a few hours. Best antidote for depression or stress because you’re in a totally different place when you finally come out of the book. Whatever happened before is way in the past. So if you’re feeling a wee bit too stressed from life in general, join me by grabbing a book and slipping far far away for awhile—then come back and see whether I’ve changed my mind and am on to totally different books. Happy Reading!


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  • Amy McKie

    Welcome to readathon day! Woooo :) I am going to have to make note of some of the titles you have as my grandmother absolutely loves all Amish romance, and I’ve been remiss at looking for new titles or authors for her for this Christmas! I hope you enjoy your day!

  • Shaunesay

    Hello! So glad you could join us today! I love the cover on The Gate, and I have some friends that also enjoy Amish fiction so I may have some recommendations for them! I like having a large selection of books too because I’m definitely a mood reader and I like to skip around. Reading is definitely a proven stress reliever for me as well! Enjoy your reading! — Shaunie Team Dogwood

  • Trish

    Hope you’re able to get in some escape today! I haven’t read any of these but it sounds like you’ve got a great plan for books that will help you relax and unconnect for a bit. Enjoy!!

  • Amy McKie

    Hello again – I hope you are still enjoying your readathon!