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Track your Writing to Success

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track your writing with a wordcount spreadsheetTrack your writing progress

Are you a busy writer? Do you have multiple projects? Do you yearn in vain for that one method, app, or spreadsheet that will feed your need to manage your muse? Well, Jamie Raintree’s Writing & Revision Tracker is for you.

I admit, I’m one of those writers who loves writing challenges, enjoys 3-Day writing contests and the annual international writing gala, NaNoWriMo. In addition I like to monitor my stats. I enjoy tracking my daily wordcount and watching that number grow and grow and grow–and yes, it’s even more fun when I have a visual like a graph to watch.

Track multiple projects and various stages

I’ve tried many ways over the years, but because I work on a number of projects, often during the same time frame, it’s been a hassle to track because most programs and products are meant to track one project. That’s why Jamie Raintree’s spreadsheet is such a joy. You can track your writing progress onĀ up to eight (8) projects. You can track your writing progress during revisions. You can track your writing progress daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. What more could you want?

Why is it important to track your writing progress?

One important feature of this spreadsheet is that of goal setting. Not only can you set a project goal, but you can establish a monthly goal, too. Being able to effectively measure your progress is an important part of achieving goals. Every day you can measure your output against previous days. You can quickly gauge whether you are moving forward or falling behind. That’s huge because then you can make quick adjustments before what appears to be a trend turns into a habit.

Maybe you wonder if you will ever finish? Using Raintree’s wordtracker spreadsheet, you’ll quickly know the project’s projected finish date calculated on current writing efforts. That can be enough to light a fire under your butt and urge your forward.

Track your writing with all these features

Here’s a quick recap of exactly what the Writing & Revision Tracker does:

  • Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly writing statistics for up to 8 projects.
  • Customizable project names.
  • Monthly goal setting for writing and revisions.
  • Project goal setting.
  • Visual calendar layout that automatically calculates your day, week, and month totals. Weeks start on Monday.
  • Revision tracking by word count or page number.
  • Graphs to display your cumulative writing and revisions growth throughout the month.
  • Yearly totals for each project, each month, for writing and revisions.
  • A writing and revisions grand total for the year.
  • Also works in Numbers for Mac users.

How to get your Writing & Revision Tracker

The Writing & Revision Tracker is normally $5.00 but it is currently on sale for $3.00

Ready to take control of your writing and revision process? Click on the green button below, to get your copy of Writing & Revision Tracker and chart your progress today forward. (There’s even a related Facebook group.) Then, why not join me for Vikk’s Fast & Furious 3-Day Novel Writing Challenge.

Track your writing with a spreadsheet wordtracker.

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