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Writing Ambitions

Writing ambitions lead to big results

Big writing ambitions lead to big results for writersDo you dare to dream big? Are you a writer full of writing ambitions? If you are, I say kudos to you. I’m a firm believer in setting big goals in order to obtain big results. The great thing about setting goals that may seem outlandish or out of reach is that even if you fail you that effort will have moved you much further toward your goal. I tend to look at them as win-win opportunities.

Writing ambitions lead to productive goal setting

I like to set big goals. Think big; dream large. They tend to light a fire within and plant my butt on the chair. Big goals move me. They motivate and push me to go beyond my daily expectations. I guess that’s why I’ve been a huge fan of the annual gatherings like NaNoWriMo and the 3-day novel writing challenge. When you enter those contests, you are setting major daily wordcount goals. You get a gust of energy and tend to hyper-focus. Many times the daily writing leads to increased states of flow. All add to the writing experience and help you recognize that you can do more than your current expectations. Why not add big writing ambitions to your tool kit and make a point of challenging yourself to do more.

When I remembered that the annual international Labor Day 3-day writing challenge was coming up, I decided to create my own version. It’s three days of fast writing that should move you into a flow state where the words come. If you have the time, do some prep work on characters, settings, and beats so you have some idea of what you want to do. Then sit down and let the words fly.

For a quick taste of this ambitious writing process, why not join me for a 3-Day Novel Writing Challenge starting Sept 3 through the 5th?

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