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Before Jon Higheagle came into her life, sixteen year old Trisha Braedon thought she had it all under control: school, her college scholarship, and her parents divorce. But the gentle, charming newcomer, with his environmental causes and crusading spirit, isn’t like anyone Trisha had ever known. To read more about the book and purchase, click here. Combining fascinating stories of Texas history with travel adventures around the state, Exploring Texas History: Weekend Adventures suggests where to go and what to see by tracking historical characters and events.The travel destinations echo the settlement of Texas, the battle for independence, the Alamo, cowboys, vacqueros, Buffalo Soldiers, shipwrecks, and cattle drives. Each chapter includes history, travel routes, best sights, best times to visit, lodging, dining, and sources for additional information.Families, visitors, travelers with a love of history, and teachers and students studying the required curriculum of the fourth grade in Texas schools. To purchase, click here.
No stranger to competition, Kimberly Lange’s been trying to catch up to her successful big brother for all of her 16 years. So when she and Marla Monroe compete for the coveted internship on Northrupp High’s senior video project, Kimberly’s not just trying to grab a chance to work with Greg Winters, the project’s dreamy cinematographer.Winner of RWA’s Golden Heart Award. To read more about the book and purchase, click here. This book is a resource for places in Houston that provide entertainment and enjoyment for kids while enhancing their education. Parents, teachers, home schoolers, and community leaders will find this an interesting and instructive guide to the city and its surroundings. To purchase, click here.