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My Fiction – YA and Tween

In Love at Northrupp High Teen Romance Series

If you’re looking for some teen romances that are considered “sweet” or “clean,” then these are for you. I like to explore the budding relationships from the time the two meet until their first kiss. It’s an edgy, excited time where the two go through stages of newness, awkwardness, and strong attraction. You won’t find any sex scenes or detailed sexual moments. Instead, the imagination is engaged. What you will find is story and the strong push — pull of emotions and attraction that make up the first stage of romance.

Both books are set in Northrupp High, so you’ll find characters appearing in both books.

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Video Magic – RWA Golden Heart Winner for Young Adult Novel

No stranger to competition, Kimberly Lange’s been trying to catch up to her successful big brother for all of her 16 years. So when she and Marla Monroe compete for the coveted internship on Northrupp High’s senior video project, Kimberly’s not just trying to grab a chance to work with Greg Winters, the project’s dreamy cinematographer.Winner of RWA’s Golden Heart Award.

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Divided Loyalties

Divided Loyalties, a YA romance novel for tweens and teens. Before Jon Higheagle came into her life, sixteen year old Trisha Braedon thought she had it all under control: school, her college scholarship, and her parents divorce. But the gentle, charming newcomer, with his environmental causes and crusading spirit, isn’t like anyone Trisha had ever known.

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