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Where have all the well-read writers gone?

Once upon a time reading was the fertile bed for emerging writers. The two were inexorably linked and their natural habitats were public libraries and bookstores. Many came from homes where reading was a priority. Others had teachers or librarians who knew how books could release the imagination. Life is different now. So are the…


Day 1 2010: Plan the work, work the plan

New Year’s Day is a holiday but does that mean it’s a day free of work? Not for me and maybe not for you. I have traditionally spent the days leading up to New Years reviewing, encapsulating and analyzing the outgoing year. That means pouring over the wall calendar and Day Timer to list all…


Are you a gift-giving book lover?

Do you incorporate your love reading and writing into the holiday season? Are there any holiday rituals that you’d like to share? I confess I’m a crusty dragon of a gift giver who remains intent on keeping books at the top of my gift list for myself and for others. Yes, my grandchildren are into…


Internet Tools for Writers: Catch it with Stickies

This entry is part 8 of 12 in the series Internet Tools for Writers

This entry is part 8 of 12 in the series Internet Tools for WritersI am old enough to remember life without the Internet, typewriters prior to word processors, and index cards before the dawn of Post-its. I love stickies. Canary yellow, pale pink, turquoise blue, and spring green, the list goes on and on. Now…


Who reads Down the Writer’s Path?

…I recommend a site where one glance gives writers a feeling akin to what Emily Dickinson said about poetry:…I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off….” –Arthur Plotnik, author of Spunk & Bite: A writer’s guide to punchier, more engaging language & style on reading DWP. Books? Gifts? DOWN THE…


Check out my NaNoWriMo blog: WHIRLPOOL

Thanks to reader and mystery novelist Barbara Klaser for the point to Na-No-Blog-Mo (National Novel Blogging Month),’s effort to highlight bloggers participating in the NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) contest. There are plenty of interesting bloggers. Check out the efforts of these two: Salmanaca and The Maharlika Legacy. Joey Arilla from The Babel Machine…



My apologies for not having any posts this week. I’ve had a family emergency and have not had computer access. I hope to be back posting in a matter of days but it will depend on how well my father does once he’s out of the hospital. Please check back. Thanks to everyone for the…


Jayson Blair and the rebuilding of ethics

In the latest issue of Editor & Publisher, Joe Strupp tackles the slippery subject of writers and their ethics in his article Crime and Punishment. Clearly the actions of Jayson Blair and others are having ramifications throughout the publishing world. There was a time when I thought I knew the boundaries but now I’m not…