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Category Archives: Quotes and Thoughts on Writing


Sorry to be away so long. Reasons? The list is many, far too many to number here. Recently I’ve had a flare up of burning nerve pain around the right shoulder cap and brachial area, so I’ve pulled back from any computer work to see if it would help. Yes? A little, not as much…


Lee Goldberg, MJ Rose, Maud Newton, Bob Bly, David St. Lawrence and John Patrick continue to blog away

Lee Goldberg, a writer-for-hire for DIAGNOSIS MURDER and for MONK, is at it again with a little bit of dish and a whole lot of other interesting tidbits. One tip led me to Lynn Viehl’s blog, The Paperback Writer, for an interesting post on writing for hire. MJ Rose reports that blogger Mad Max Perkins…


“Weed out the lumber,” says author David McCullough

The other night Tim Russert interviewed author David McCullough. Since I had been part of the Borders team working his Houston signing last week, I pulled up a chair and watched. The man loves his work: He leaned forward, his eyes sparkled, and a smile played across his lips as he began another story culled…