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My Short Works Reading List

Join the Short Works Reading Group.

Here’s my reading list for the Short Works Reading Group. The reading challenge and invitation to other writers and readers who want to embrace and celebrate short works like short stories, essays, creative nonfiction, as well as collections and anthologies. My short works master reading plan is below.

The Short Works Reading Group (#shortworksgroup) is to inspire and motive those writers and readers who, like me, love to read and discuss short stories, essays, and even short novels or novellas. Both fiction and non-fiction reading is encouraged. I’ve loved short works ever since, as a child, I read Edgar Allan Poe’s short story The Tell-Tale Heart and believe the short forms have a lot to offer.

This is a modest, long term reading challenge open to anyone at anytime. A minimum of ten works over five years is requested to join in. Visit the sign-up page for all the Short Works group reading challenge  information and guidelines.

My Short Works Reading Group reading list

Here’s my living list of short works. Every year I devour the Best American Series. My favorites collections are the Best American Short Stories, Best American Essays, Best American Science and Nature Writing, Best American Travel Writing, and Best American Mystery Stories. The “Best American” annual anthologies have the best of the published short works for that year. In addition, I’ve added the following titles. I assume I’ll be adding  more as I go along — and yes, it is more than ten works.

Collections (Short Stories)

Collections – Poetry, essays & anthologies

On Writing

Short Works – Fiction

Short Works – Non Fiction

    1. Survival Lessons by Alice Hoffman (2013) – Finished 10/12/13; review to come

On writing

    1. How to Achieve Your Goals and Dreams (Short Subjects With Big Impact) by James Scott Bell – Finished 09/24/13; review to come
    2. How to Manage the Time of Your Life (Short Subjects With Big Impact) by James Scott Bell – Finished 09/24/13; review to come
    3. Drawing on the Power of Resonance in Writing by Dave Farland – Finished 09/25/13 – review to come
    4. Million Dollar Outlines by Dave Farland – Finished 09/26/13; review to come

My Short Works challenge to YOU

Why not join The Short Works Reading Group and create your own short works reading plan? So, what do you think about my choices and the short form? Comment below. I’d love to hear from you.
Hashtag: #shortworks2  | My short works reading plan

  • IMAGE CREDITS: All titles and book cover images are Amazon affiliate links and a small commission is earned if you click through and make a purchase; ; Tell Tale Heart illustration by Harry Clarke [Public domain] for Short Works group logo, via Wikimedia Commons; Short Form Group stack of books image via Kozzi; Thanks to The Classics Club and to Put Your Soul on Paper.