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BBAW 2012 Book bloggers deserve love, too

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Book Blogger Appreciation Week (BBAW)

Book Blogger Appreciation Week Day 1 Book Blogger Appreciation Week (BBAW) is an annual event to celebrate the love of books and those who write about them. I probably fall into a bit of a subcategory since my blog is about writing and publishing and many of the books I talk about have to do with the art and craft of writing. But that doesn’t mean reading and books aren’t covered.

A writer who doesn’t read or enjoy books is losing a lot of what makes up the joy and being of a writer. A writer who isn’t familiar with the classics is pretty much missing out on a lot of conversation that occurs between the authors and their readers. Book bloggers spread the joy of books and help us to participate in that on-going literary conversation. That’s why I want to celebrate this week and share my appreciation for all of the readers who hit the keyboard weekly and sometimes daily to share their reading journey with others.

The book blogger community

New reading community of book lovers

Reading a book for the first time.

I’m an avid reader and love to talk about the books I’ve read and share them with others. That’s why you’ll find many non-writing books discussed, too.

I first learned of the book blogging community through the work of Jillian over at A Room of One’s Own. Through her efforts I found others. Over the last year I realized that my reading habit had fallen away, in large part due to life changes and some health issues. When Jillian began The Classics Club, I decided to get back on my reading pony and begin anew. You’ll find my Classics Club 5-year plan here.

Memes and Top Ten Tuesday

Another commitment I made to be a more active part of the book blogging community is to participate in The Broke and the Bookish weekly meme Top Ten Tuesday. It’s a challenge sometimes to tweak the weekly topic to fit this blog but somehow I manage. Visiting the other book bloggers and reading their efforts is a lot of fun, too.

When a puppy gets a book, the book gets chewed.

Have you digested a book today?

A few favorite book bloggers

Because I’m participating in BBAW’s event, I’ll be taking part in some of the daily postings, too. Today it’s all about giving some love to our fellow book bloggers. There are no shortage of book bloggers, so it would be impossible for me to name every one that has captured my attention over the years. However, there a couple of book bloggers I’d like to highlight and share with you today. (They are in no specific order.)

Room with a View

Jillian’s book blog falls into what I’d call the non-traditional book blogger category. Hers is a true labor of love. A budding bibliophile, she shares her passion for books and particularly for the classics. Her posts reflect the ongoing process of her reading, often as it happens, so you often will find more than a single review post about a book. She is the Pied Piper of the classics and started The Classics Club. You’ll find more about Jillian here.

Promise to read more and read to your children

Read more.

Chew and Digest Books

I knew I’d enjoy this book blogger from the moment, I read Gwen’s intro of herself: “My name is Gwen and I get excited about books.” What’s more, she’s a fan of nonfiction and loves to read and write about American history, memoir and biographies, as well as mystery and suspense.We share similar taste in reading as those categories make up much of my reading allotment.  Read more from Gwen here.

At least we made it this far

Yep, it’s another book blogger who falls into that somewhat non-traditional format. (Think there’s a pattern here?) Trish shares her reflections “on medicine, faith, marriage, and anything else I find of interest.” A portion of what interests her are books and her love for reading. I found Trish through the Top Ten Tuesday posts and have enjoyed sharing in her journey through her writings. Here’s one of Trish’s Top Ten posts.

Tales of an Intrepid Pantster

I enjoy Alice’s book blog and her entries about her writing efforts. She uses her blog to archive her books and share her writing journey. I’m sure other writers will find much in common with Alice. Learn more about Alice and her blog here.

Roof Beam Reader

Adam’s blog is simply an excellent book blog, one where I always find food for thought. He’s a true fan of the classics with an engaging writing style. In addition, he’s a freelance essayist and creative writer. We both love books, and I love to read his thoughts on them.

A Literary Odyssey

Allie is a thoughtful reader who loves to read and write about books. In particular, she enjoys the classics and has chronicled her journey through classical literature for many years. She also reviews young adult book and some recent releases. As with all the others mentioned, my visits to Allie’s blog are always fruitful. To read more from Allie, go here.

How to read a novel, how to read the classicsFollowing Pulitzer

James is journeying through the Pultizer Prize-winning books. He shares his reading journey on his blog. As with most book bloggers, he want to share his reflections on the books he’s read and engage in a dialogue with others. As a writer, I particularly enjoy his reviews. You’ll find more from James here.

So there you have it. A little sprinkling of love on the blogs listed above who are a few of the book bloggers I enjoy reading. Stay tuned for more as we travel through this week’s Book Blogger Appreciation Week 2012.


More on Book Blogging Appreciation Week 2012. Ready to read the classics? Join The Classics Club. My 5 year 50+ booklist is here: The Classics Club project. Short story lovers, check out The Short Stories Challenge.

To find more links and shares, go to Down the Writer’s Path Facebook Page. Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below.

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