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Kindle publishing plans in your future?

Kindle publishing words
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Kindle publishing offers opportunities for today’s writers

Kindle publishing wordsKindle publishing is the new gateway into the world of online publishing for many writers today. I know. I’ve spent the last 14 months exploring this vast new world. ‘Tis the season and I have good news to tell. Kindle publishing is a viable option today for writers for many reasons.

Kindle publishing offers virtual handselling

In the past I haven’t been as positive about the virtues of self-publishing. Way too many technical problems. The difficulty with distribution was a major sticking point. Today, Amazon has changed all that. The handselling by booksellers so valued in traditional publishing is done virtually by Amazon. This is a great boon for all writers.

Kindle publishing - books published down the writer's path

As of 12/11/2014

There are a number of ways that Amazon assists writers in the distribution and marketing of their books. During the first 90 days after publication, Amazon offers extra oomph to your title by sharing new releases to their customers. There are opportunities to be featured in the Hot New Release categories, and New and Noteworthy. In addition, as the author and publisher you have the opportunity to enroll your new title in the Kindle Select program that allows you to put your book on free promos for selected days during a 90-day period. This can be a great help to boost sales and to gain higher visibility.

Kindle publishing plans for 2015

As of this post, I have published 24 books through Kindle publishing using the KDP platform. In addition, I have several print versions available, as well as a new print-only journal called The Coffee Break Journal for Fiction Writers. I have met all my initial milestones and am ready to tackle my second year as I build my publishing empire.

Kindle publishing blog posts for 2015

Plan to visit often during 2015 as I detail my journey through the Kindle publishing world and share what I’ve learned. You can learn from my successes and my mistakes. You might want to subscribe for my email updates so you don’t miss any posts. Let me know what you think about all Kindle publishing opportunities. Have you given it a try? To see my latest Kindle book, go here.


Piktochart Online Tool to Create Pins

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Piktochart for Authors Piktochart provides an easy way for authors to start using Pinterest to promote their books.


Audio Books – A good publishing format?

Creating audio books is the new format for Kindle publishing.
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This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Kindle PublishingAudio books on the rise Audio books are a rising tide in publishing these days for a variety of reasons. For anyone publishing, they are an additional revenue stream. For readers, they are a new format for consumption. Me? If I went on personal…


Audio Books Made Easy course

Audio Books Creation
This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Kindle Publishing

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Kindle PublishingHow to make audio books Audio Books Made Easy, now that’s a course I’d like. Audio books are definitely a trending format when it comes to books. I think for most of us, we feel that creating them is definitely out of our wheelhouse….