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Book characters that come to life

Memorable characters in books Boatloads of books on writing offer direction, information, and suggestions. Keep in mind that readers today definitely favor character-driven books so writers would do well to take note of their own favorite literary characters as well as those touted by the critics and the modern media. Creating characters who live on…


Top ten favorite books for writers now and to come

Writing the breakout novel, the personal essay, mummies and…. Choosing ten books to highlight for this week’s book post is a challenge even when framed by the years my blog has been in operation since 2003 to the present. The problem is not that I’ve read so few books but so many. Do I limit…


Top ten books on my summer TBR list

Read a book for summertime fun I love reading. I love books. This year I want to bring reading into sharper focus. One of my goals is to give reading and books more space, time, and attention including follow-up reviews. As you can imagine, I’m really looking forward to my time with all these authors,…


Armchair BEA: New books for writers in 2012

This entry is part 2 of 6 in the series Armchair BEA 2012

This entry is part 2 of 6 in the series Armchair BEA 2012Today I’ve chosen twelve books from the truckload being offered this year that might be of interest to writers. ¬†While a case can probably made for just about any book being of interest to writers, these twelve run the gamut from books on…


Summer reading: Two Victorian celebrations

Charles Dickens 2012 – Two Hundred Years old Charles Dickens, had he lived, would be 200 years old this year. Yes, Dickens 2012 is a year-long birthday celebration of Dickens, his life and works. So it’s only fitting that I incorporate reading Dickens into my reading plans this year and particularly for the next two…