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Tag Archive: Flannery O’Connor

A march toward the modernists

Modernist writers make up a new challenge Reading is a worthwhile effort for writers. Reading outside a writer’s normal genre is even better. Reading celebrated and influential writers is one way writers learn about their craft. With that in mind and with a caterpillar-like crawl through my Classics Club reading list, I’ve realized that participating…


Ah, the To Be Read Pile reading challenge

TBR Pile Challenge 2013 Let’s face it, if you’re any sort of writer at all you have a TBR pile, stack, or shelf of books that have been bought but never read. If you’re like me you very well may have a bookcase or two–at the very least a mountain. Adam, over at Roof Beam…


Ten authors I wish I could meet

My early literary influences Creating a list of ten writers I want to meet is not easy. First, there are so many. Second, I’ve already met a lot of writers from attending trade book shows, conferences, workshops, and book signings. Finally, I worked in a bookstore as an event planner and met even more writers…


Top ten books on writing by famous authors

If you like Stephen King’s book On Writing…. Writers are a voracious lot. They gobble up words and devour ideas. They are ardent about their characters and hot for plots. They consume books. When it comes to their peers, most writers turn into stickybeaks. They want to know everything: their habits, their writing processes, their…


Top Ten from The Classics Club to read this year

Thanks to The Classics Club my list of classic books to be read over the next five years has grown to nearly one hundred. Since I’ve been flipping through pages and pulling books off shelves and reshelving them, I thought I’d share the top ten titles that are speaking to me now and a few…