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Procrastination help for writers who procrastinate

Most writers are in need of procrastination help.

Procrastination help is needed to combat the blank page Many writers fall into the mind-numbing, anti-productive state of procrastination. It’s an easy place to live — especially today. Even the most productive writers, except for maybe Stephen King, often fall prey to its allure and require a healthy dose of procrastination help. Today is Anti-Procrastination…


Top ten goals for reading and writing

Setting goals for a new year Resolutions, goals, and promises are in the air, after all, it’s a new year. Isn’t that what we’re supposed to do? Now some people get super-excited to the point of hyperventilating about the prospect of even considering creating one goal, let alone ten. They get all aflutter about the…


Julia Cameron’s artist’s dates smash writer’s block

Artist Way’s author Julia Cameron prescribes Artist’s Dates We all know we have to show up at the keyboard if we want to get the work done but when is it okay to play? Do you ever have a passing thought that maybe “you need to work on your creativity?” We all know that creativity…


Start writing with a routine that increases productivity

This entry is part 5 of 4 in the series Tools & Strategies

This entry is part 5 of 4 in the series Tools & StrategiesDo you have a daily writing habit? If you give yourself up to the whims of the day, the whims will win every time. Distraction will become your guiding force and a day lost is will be your only gain. Productivity comes from…


NaNoWriMo Eve finds writers filled with anticipation

This entry is part 6 of 20 in the series Nanowrimo

This entry is part 6 of 20 in the series NanowrimoMost writers, whether they are participating or not, are apt to catch NaNoWriMo fever and a great many fall prey to its effects on Halloween. ‘Tis the night before the great marathon begins, after all. The degree to which they capitulate is the only real…


Do you write the New Year in?

Okay, okay, we all know January approaches and with it the annual decision: To goal or not to goal. Writers run the spectrum when it comes to this ritual. Where do you fall? I confess I practice a fairly extensive annual goal setting and year-end reflective writing. In fact, I like to write in the…